Bekay Brushes

Where Premium Quality Meets Affordability

Our History

Bekay Brushes came into existence in the year 1971, thanks to the visionary efforts of brothers, B.K. Ogal and R.C. Sood. Before diving into the world of brush manufacturing, the brothers had a successful history of exporting bristle materials to Europe and the USA. However, they decided it was time to diversify into brush manufacturing, and that's when the foundation of Bekay Brushes was laid.

Since those early days, Bekay Brushes has experienced remarkable growth and development. Today, it stands as a formidable enterprise, boasting a spacious and modern factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Within these walls, you'll find a dedicated team of highly skilled workers who contribute to the company's success every single day.


To make BEKAY synonymous with paintbrushes.

Think paintbrush.
Think BEKAY.


Our Mission is to lead the way in the paint brush industry.

We constantly strive to be open ahead, pushing the Boundaries of innovation and setting new standard of excellence.


At BEKAY, we take pride in the consistent premium quality of our brushes. From the first to the last of any batch, you will never find one brush better than the other!